Epic Robot Battle

In the distant eventual fate of our planet, the show where battles between different types of robots were held was widespread. They were led by individuals, and the battles were fought on the field until the complete triumph of one of the groups. Yet there were people building these robots. Today, in the game Epic Robot Battle, we will immediately take part in the development of such combat vehicles. On the screen we will see the drawing of the machine. In this common area there will be a board with spare parts for them. You need to drag the parts according to the drawing and spot them in the perfect place for you. Thus, you will reliably make a risky fighting machine, which will later enter a duel with the opponent. Collect robots and fight in Epic Tournament destroy every one of your opponents There can only be one. Epic Robot Battle is a wonderful fighting game in which you take charge of a range of fearsome robots and face off in merciless 1on1 conflicts. A competition has begun where all the fighting robots on the planet meet and seek to be delegated as the master of battle. You have to choose your robot model, collect its different parts and prepare it for the coming battle! When you're ready, you have to go through the different fights in the competition and try to make it to the last one. Use the left mouse click catch to select different attacks and remember to attack as often as possible while keeping a watchful guard. The controls are basic, but the combat is testing - would you be able to take your robot and win the epic competition?