Scary Hill

The Ghost of Halloween begins to haunt players long before the event begins. Obviously, the intensity is in town and the colder time of the year is still far away, but you just have to enter the Scary Hill game and a dark spiritualist will blow at you and send a shiver of dread down your spine. In any case, don't miss the precious chance to play on the grounds that a little man wants your help. He somehow ended up at the top of a terrifying slope. His climb was basic and invigorating, but by the way, he was extremely attracted to the boring powers of Halloween. They know very well that the way it is going backwards leaves no possibility of endurance. This is because of the various loops along the way. Everywhere you turn, wherever there is a swamp, then rocks, then hot magma, then there are sharp thorns. The main consolation is the scattered confectionery and gold coins. In the event that you have accidentally swallowed poison, immediately seek medicine - especially a pill. Play by taking the legendary jump skillfully and avoid the risks, gaining focuses for each fruitful jump.

The personality of the game wound up on a terrible slope, where dangerous snares seek him in the real sense at every step. Anyway, apart from that, it is full of flavored caramels and various goodies. No one but you can help the person to go around this place, skillfully avoid obstacles and collect desserts.