Zomball is an arcade game made by Totebo. You are a zombie bi-ball player whose fantasy is to become the next LeBron James, but you have to throw your own body parts, not a b-ball! Each time you shoot effectively, your body part will attach to you to use it once more. In case you miss, you will lose this appendage and continue to the next one until you finish the appendages inside and out. The more you get into the game, the harder the shot will be. So control your strength and point, slide carefully and try to break your own record in one piece. Making your fantasy come true can be costly, in a real sense. Zomball is a fun arcade game in which you play as a high school zombie with a fantasy to become the next LeBron James. Your b-ball abilities will be explored, but not in the usual way, instead of shooting b-ball, you will use your body parts to throw! Every time you shoot a part of the body, it will come back to you if you happen to fall through the cycle; in case this doesn't happen, you will use another part of the body until you finally run out and run out. The farther you are, the harder each chance will be. Control the power and aim to try to make a shot. B-ball round of attempts to break bones and agility. Throw your own zombie body parts into the Skull Hoop to climb higher and higher on Skullcano of Doom. Have fun!