GoBattles 2

GoBattles 2 is an arcade game where you battle companions in a series of mini-games. Test your timing, technique, speed and agility as you explore different difficulties. GoBattles 2 offers a thrilling and exciting gaming experience, with continuous interaction, action-packed and a huge selection of mini-games. Gather your companions and prepare to fight.

In the second part of the new exciting web-based game GoBattles 2, you will participate in battles, races and various competitions against various rivals. In front of you on the screen will be seen pictures that will depict the opposition. You must participate in them. You click on one of the symbols. For example, it will be a battle between ninjas. In front of you on the screen will appear the region where your character and his opponent will be found. At the signal, the duel will begin. You have to drive your legend to throw stars at the enemy. Just as you throw them, you will reset the opponent's life bar and thus destroy them. For this you will be given GoBattles 2 game focuses and proceed to the next rivalry.

Stunned by the progress of the app's main arrival, which includes several invigorating mini-games, the designers chose not to stop there and here is the next part or the second assortment of new mini-games. The games remembered for the assortment include playing with companions from a similar console and on a similar PC. Indeed, it remains only to find out who will settle on a similar screen with you and hurry to show what he can do.