Toon Cup 2021

Football is back and bigger than any other moment! Play Toon Cup 2021, a completely free football match! Nice selection of your characters №1 from Cartoon Network like Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball, Grizz from We Bare Bears and Apple from Apple and Onion. Test your skills and work with your group to achieve goals and fight your way to the highest point on the pioneer board in the biggest Toon Cup tournament to date. Toon Cup 2021 is a free football match created through Cartoon Network. Elements of game elements from various Cartoon Network shows. Build the perfect group and shoot and aim your way to the highest point in the rankings. Choose your nation, captain and players. There are various characters to choose from on Cartoon Network shows such as Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go. Each player has special details, so think about how they work together to create the ultimate football team! In Toon Cup 2021 there are two game modes, the competition and the Toon League. You can play through various Toon League games, winning outstanding prizes while scoring tricks. Play races to gain more tricks! You earn gold from dominant association matches. Use the gold to open new characters, arenas, details and balls in the unlockable part of the game. Toon Cup is back for the third year in a row! Test your kicking skills as you try to score more goals than your opponents. In this authoritative Cartoon Network game, choose your band by choosing characters from well-known TV shows. Try to dominate every exciting game to travel through the race.