Lost Yeti

Lost Yeti is a 2D puzzle game created by Neutronized. In this game you are entrusted to help our lost sasquatch to return by moving ice blocks. Start with the retro puzzles in Lost Yeti, where you can slide frozen lines and segments to make your way, and continue to additional vivid universes. You have to track the fastest way home while eating each of the snacks in your way. Explore each of the 3 universes, 60 levels and different types of dazzling opponents and puzzles. Can you say you're prepared for this Yeti? Lost Yeti is a very charming puzzle experience where you slide solid ice shapes to make way for the Yeti and complete the level. Collect extra items and make sure you stay away from dangerous enemies and traps scattered throughout the levels. Try your best in this web based game. The unfortunate sasquatch is lost among the ice floes. Your quest is to find a way. Move that ice and let it reach your goal in this extraordinary game. When Yeti figured out how to taste frozen yogurt, and from that moment on, he dreams of eating this delicacy one more time. At the same time, several villains have to catch Bigfoot and, having found out about his taste preferences, lured the unfortunate into an ice maze, throwing bright pops at him. Help the Yeti reach the Lost Yeti before the poachers catch him. Move the ice 3D shapes, clearing the path of the legend to the finishing patch. Try not to let him meet different characters, they can hurt him. Be careful and shrewd and the Yeti will stay free in Lost Yeti.