Words of Wonders

Are you ready to unleash your inner scientist and become a crossword ace?

Look no further than Words of Wonders - the ultimate crossword puzzle game!

With more than 500 levels to beat, each with a new arrangement of letters to connect, you'll be closely watched in this seductively difficult game. However, you can definitely relax assuming you're stuck, clues and hammer boosters are available to take care of you. Also, as you progress through the levels, you'll get the chance to collect photos of famous world wonders such as the Peerless Table of China and the Colosseum. Not only will you further develop your crossword solving skills, but you will also develop your worldview. So start playing Words of Wonders now and seriously put your slang skills to the test.

Words of Wonders is a crossword where you connect letters to find hidden words. Test your slang and trace each of the words to advance and reach extra difficult levels. Will you become an expert scientist in this superb word game?

Match the letters to frame a word. Assuming the word you framed is in the crossword grid, it will be revealed. Not all words will be in the matrix, so use the letters you find proactively to ensure you make words that will fit the puzzle.

Progress through the levels and collect amazing basic photos with each new achievement. Levels become more disturbing, introducing longer words and more letters, expanding the possibilities, missing the point entirely and testing your slang skills.

Take part in a range of energizing and testing word puzzles in Words of Wonders. The game elements are a simple entry level suitable for players of all ages and experience levels. Feel how great you are at tracing each of the words and become an expert scribe!