Level Devil

Level Devil is a mid-range platformer. The goal is basic; reach the entrance to the end of the level to win, but it's usually not as natural as it might seem... Holes can appear suddenly, spikes can move startlingly, and roofs can collapse on you as you clear your way through the different levels. One wrong step and it's all over. You will have to stay alert, look for something amazing and above all: do not fly off the handle. Could you at some point survive these horrible levels and defeat the Level Devil?

It seems that Satan himself has arranged a trial for the little man who happened to be right in the real misery, but to leave him there is to destroy him, and there will probably be people who will not agree with the fate of the little man. Not being afraid of Satan, you want to quickly leave his mausoleums, but this is not difficult to do, despite the fact that it is possible. Try to help the little guy as he doesn't deserve this!