Doc Darling: Santa Surgery

Doc Darling: Santa Surgery is a Christmas themed game where you have to help Saint Nick who has an accident on his way! He wants your help to fix Saint Nick's skills and track down his deer. Also, take him to Doc Sladko so they can deal with all the wounds and plan a crisis medical procedure. Fill all the medicines and dress him up as he prepares to carry the presents on Christmas night. Doc Darling: Santa Surgery is another game from our #1 Doc Dear. St Nick is getting ready for this Christmas to deliver each of the presents to us. Ahhh for the way our adorable Saint Nick had an accident and got a few cuts and his truck was damaged. So our Doc Dear is back to help with our details. You just have to help the beloved Doc and treat Saint Nick. Clean, work, decorate and dress up Saint Nick and get him ready for this Christmas. Heading to the far ends of the planet with his sleigh, Saint Nick Claus has an accident. Great St Nick is hurt and we have to deal with him. You in the game Doc Darling: Santa Surgery will work in the clinic where Santa Claus is taken. It's your job to fix it. In front of you, your personality will be noticed on the screen, which will lie on an unusual love seat. You must carefully inspect the patient and make a finding. When you have done this, start the treatment. Help exists in Doc Dear: St Nick Medical Procedure. You as tips will show the grouping of your activities. Following these tips, you will perform a bunch of activities aimed at healing Saint Nick. The moment you're done, the person will really want a sound and actually want to go home.