Monsters' Wheels Special

Monsters' Wheels Special is a 2D racing game created by Smokoko. In this web based game you race your own beast truck in different stages like Modern, Timberland, Cold, Desert and City stage. Upgrade your beast truck so you can stay ahead of the opposition and equip it with rockets and various weapons to pulverize it, literally. Jack purchased a vehicle and with that in mind he planned another model of a fast car. Today, he will be competing in novice races called the Monster' Wheels Special. You will help him overcome them. Your person must sit in the driver's seat of the vehicle to drive it to the starting line. At the sign, by pressing the gas pedal, he will rush forward. Around which he will move, there will be various jumps and other dangerous segments. You skillfully make jumps, you have to go around each of the hazards and defeat your opponents to reach the final goal first.