Fluffy Story 2

Two round pussies: red and blue have long been infatuated with each other, but something keeps preventing them from meeting. When you previously helped them arrange a meeting and thought that the favorites were together. However, everything turned out to be wrong. The needs were isolated again and they asked you to help them interact. At each level you have to play specific controls: cut the rope, remove the obstacles. Sometimes you have to be extremely lucky to keep one of the saints from falling into the thorn bushes in Fluffy Story 2. It is safe to say that you are ready to immerse yourself in an incredibly delicate romantic tale with an extraordinary climate? Put yourself in the shoes of two sweet, fluffy darlings who need to be together more than anyone else on the planet. Defeat a wide range of obstacles, hurdles and dangerous traps, grab the colors and cut the rope you are attached to in the perfect opportunity to move to the perfect place and reach your desired build. This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that adoration can do anything and experience an extraordinary experience! Is it accurate to say that you are ready to get your affection back?