Blob Runner 3D

Blob Runner 3D is a great running game where you have to control a big, fat beast mass to reach the end goal of each level. Try to avoid each of the obstacles, from the main sticks in the path to the spinning saws. Every time you hit a loop, you'll lose a piece of your body, but you can still collect mass to rebuild yourself. Being a table isn't easy, but it certainly has its perks. Try to make each of the tables in transit have the opportunity to pass the following inevitable deterrents and reach the finish of the stage. Likewise, you need to collect diamonds to buy new quests for your guy. Have some good times playing Blob Runner 3D, a free web based game. In Blob Runner 3D, you are that bright mass, just waiting! He is trying to get away from this eternal maze. There are so many obstacles that it seems almost difficult to reach the finishing place. Imagine a scenario where he gets stuck here and doesn't get a chance to collect every single focus. That's all, but even an alternative! Since you are here now, how about you click on catch to play and help this effervescent table! Get ready to jump into a stunning 3D experience this time! You control the mass of a goliath that can get extremely little. Since this game is probably the most famous parkour round of the year, you can rate everything for free and online in our foundation! Your goal is to reach the final goal by staying away from the obstacles and collecting the leaks. That's all, but it will be so natural! In case you hit any of these obstacles, your table can get so little that it disappears! Control your face by pulling or sliding your finger. In the event that you fall, you can trust that a bit will gain energy once again. Try to collect each of the pearls along the way to unlock new skins for your person and add more fun to the game. Assuming you're ready for that jump right now, click on the game catch and start the game!