OffRoad Forest Racing

With outrageous challenges and the most beautiful scenes, your eyes have always seen a 4x4 OffRoad Forest Racing game that will offer you many serious and testing tracks full of dirt and obstacles. Race through the wild and collect gold coins from each level for extra cash. Forest racing on rough terrain is a truck game where you race against your opponents in 15 challenging levels. Kick it into high gear in the OffRoad Forest Racing game as you face incredible challenges on a one-of-a-kind course through a lush forest full of obstacles, boulders and forever-overlooked little hideouts! Will you figure out how to reach the final goal in the shortest possible time while collecting gold coins and leaving every one of your rivals behind? You've never had the chance to immerse yourself in a race like this before. Experience incredible feelings in the driver's seat, demonstrate your driving skills and participate in an exceptional climate while you figure out how to win the last triumph, beat all speed records in the wild and work on your vehicle to reach the top. Today, in another exciting web based game Offroad Forest Racing, we have to welcome you to participate in races that will take place in a backwoods forest. Towards the beginning of the game you have to choose a vehicle from the choices provided. From that moment on, you will find yourself on the starting line together with your rivals. At the signal you will all rush forward, step by step you will proceed. Deftly driving a vehicle, you have to go through turns of moving complex switches and beat other dangerous segments of the street with speed. Your task is to defeat each of your opponents and finish first. You can also drive opponents' vehicles on the street. This way you will make them out of the competition.