Growmi is a platform puzzle game where you solve puzzles to regain your power. Your personality has a limited array of moves that increase over time as you clear more of the game's region. Show the world how brilliant your Growmi is and complete the game.

Stick to the game's directions to tackle the essentials towards the beginning. Your personality is sediment that can move a certain number of times when it is off the ground. This requires serious testing of specific actions, and you will have to prepare to choose some way to complete each task.

When you get over the basic problem of thinking like Growmi, things become clearer. Assuming you're holding back, use the clues button in the lower right corner to tell you the best way to complete the quiz accurately. As you embrace how it works, your abilities will move forward.

Each new region has an outstanding test to be fair and it keeps the game interesting for you. Sometimes you may need to restart the test by clicking R or correcting a past move with U. This is on the grounds that several activities cannot be corrected without taking a step back.

Meet Growmi, the tiny worm that can stretch its body to reach new stages. Immerse yourself in an exciting experience through a small world full of interconnected puzzles. Tragically, Growmi has lost every single one of his abilities after entering the entrance. Your task is to help Growmi regain its capacity by starting small and becoming huge. Showcase your knowledge to the world by helping Growmi on this journey. Get ready to explore and overcome difficulties in this exciting game.

Growmi, a cute little pilgrim worm that can crawl and grow its body as it moves, will you figure out how to complete each of the objectives as you embark on a new stage experience?

Solve many interconnected puzzles as you help Growni not pass with a view to an off-base move. Avoid traps, move obstacles that allow you to move forward, trigger buttons that open entrances, and evolve as expected to make this experience much easier for you. Recover your abilities gradually thanks to your fantastic effort and show your superior knowledge by facing interesting riddles.

Growmi is a silly puzzle game where you take command of Growmi, a silly character whose body evolves as you progress through the game! At the start you can move 3 spaces each course. You have to clear your way through puzzles and around enemies with fairly specific evolutions to use your body without limits! There's constantly stuff to collect in each level to progress and fill up the size as well as unlock new capacities, so be careful! Can you at some point control Growmi appropriately and beat each of the levels?