Crazy Drift

In the new addictive game Crazy Drift we have to welcome you to try to win a floating rivalry. A battlefield will appear on the screen to show your car. In case of specific separation from it, there will be a white diamond. In the same way, different articles will be noticeable in the field, which will occur as obstacles. Your vehicle starts to move and keeps moving forward as it continues. You need to control it with the control keys. With the help of your floating abilities you need to get around these traps. Your task will be to connect with the white gem. When that happens, you'll get tricks and move on to the next more troubling level of the game. Lock up, jump in the driver's seat and put it in high gear in this super loaded fun game! Accumulate each gem to complete the level. This is a race, so try to complete the level as fast as you might expect! Remember that you can put it in a switch if it is important, but in any case put it!