Dotted Girl Fashion Blog

Dotted Girl has a style blog that is real business. She needs your help to make it effective! First he has to make a dress for a mannequin with a late spring setting in the back and take a picture of it. Wear it with a charming pink top, a wrapped green skirt, a white purse with yellow stripes and a few yellow and pink shoes with numerous lashes. After clicking the photo and posting it on the blog, help Dotted Girl advance it and raise money for her work. For the next photo you need to dress up with a more stylish outing ensemble. Take red lingerie with a dark skirt with a high low and yellow band around her intermediate band, change the cover of her face with a rich one, choose a few silver shoes with high heels and style her hair in an elegant bun. Keep playing the game and discover other fascinating difficulties. Have a good time!