Strange Snake

In a valley that is located in the backwoods near the mountains, there is a lucky snake. We in the game Strange Snake will help her in this pursuit. Before you see a way that swings between trees or passes near some dips in the ground. There will be food lying on it in various places. You have to use the control keys to hold your snake so that it swallows all the food. Likewise, be careful and make sure the snake goes through all the transformations and doesn't fall into any trap or pit. Remember that on the off chance that this kicks the bucket. We bring to you one of the most addictive and interesting games that you can play with any of your companions that you can play with any of your companions. It won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination, because dear companions, we offer you a unique Snake game called Strange Snake, in which, dear companions, you must ensure that in the shortest time you will find out how to complete this new test with as many and many foci to be expected under the circumstances. This will not be simple by any stretch of the imagination, as dear companions, you must be cautious and concentrated, based on the fact that this will be another online test and perceive how your Snake will be able to eat the same number of soil products as number of stars you can collect to have a ton of tricks and you will see that numerous other snake games will be prepared for you to play with each of your companions. Good time! This riddle is about a strange Snake. It can simply rotate to the RIGHT. Any time he tries to turn LEFT, he has to drink a striking concoction. To help him escape from 99 mind-boggling mazes and keep a strategic distance from numerous beasts and obstacles.