Olly the Paw

Olly the Paw is an idle game where you become an adorable bear on a journey to fix a plane! To restore the plane piece by piece, you need to acquire enough coins to open different regions and find the lost manuals. Starting with the apples you picked from the trees, you can sell various products from the soil like blueberries and honey to the rich reindeer for money. In the event that you give the appropriate number of materials to the culinary expert Panda, you will receive superb goodies to sell. Improve your abilities in the place of the mole and ask for help from beautiful foxes if you need it! At any point, can you effectively put each of the pieces together and patch the plane back together?

Ollie is a small bear who lives in his vast forests and is a companion to almost every creature. He goes on with his life and cooperates with any person who can help him satisfy his fantasy - to build an airplane, he so needs to fly. However, for this you really want a lot of additional parts and tools, which must be obtained by connecting with the characters around him.