Skydom: Reforged

Skydom: Reforged is an interesting match-3 game and is brought to you by the designers of Match Field and Skydom! Welcome - Skydom Reforged, a super mod of the traditional Skydom with a new and special look. A fun match 3 puzzle game with really exciting game modes. The game features older-style map movement while introducing notable highlights and new encounters.

Become the ruler of this beautiful kingdom in Skydom Reforged! Welcome to the place known for unicorns, cute bunnies and many more enchanted animals who just love puzzles. Become a part of this sweet experience with your match-3 abilities now!

This game is divided into different parts which are addressed as different parts of the lands of Skydom. Choose your character and go through the levels with your personality. Each level will give you a match 3 puzzle with different objectives and occasionally with different modes. You may be separated from everyone else without help from someone else in a puzzle, when on another level you may have to fight an opponent. While playing the match-3 puzzles, you have to focus on collecting indistinguishable tiles in vertical or straight lines by dragging the tiles to swap places with the adjacent ones. This will cause that collection to pop off the board and be collected. Along these lines, you can collect the specified tiles in the given limited moves. Now take part in this wonderful puzzle and we need to see if you can get far through the levels.

Skydom Reforged is a better-than-ever presentation of the exemplary Skydom puzzle internet game with new and remarkable artwork. The game offers a variety of energizing game modes, including Player vs. Player battles to determine the ultimate match-3 expert. You can play with companions or against real opponents in many levels with exclusive settings and delightful effects. Skydom also features new difficulties to keep the interactivity fresh and energizing. Match 3 bits of the same sort in sequence to clear them!
Take a supernatural excursion together with the adorable piglet and experience the pleasant triumph in Skydom.

The supernatural world is home to various animals that make their homes on islands floating above them. To craft these houses, they need various wizard stones. Today in the new exciting game Skydom: Reforged we have to welcome you to collect a certain number of stones. In front of you on the screen you will see the battlefield inside, divided into an equivalent number of cells. Each one of them will be loaded with precious stones of different shapes and varieties. On the left half of the board you will see a list and the amount of stones you need to collect. Inspect everything carefully. Find on the battlefield indistinguishable stones that are close to each other. From them you need to set one column of something like three parts. That way you'll get these things off the battlefield and get focus for it. Remember that once you collect each of the stones within the time limit, you will proceed to a higher level of the Skydom: Reforged game.