Zumba Mania

In Zumba Mania, take charge of a frog and practice your intention to pass many levels! The marble balls are moving on a track and you have to prevent these bright circles from reaching the hole in the end. Do you have the stuff to beat the obstacles and difficulties in this awesome game? How big is your point of view? We believe it is acceptable as in this game you will have to shoot marble balls! Your goal here is clear. In each level you will see a train of marble balls moving towards the leave hole on the curved track. Your frog is located in the middle and you have to eliminate each of the balls from the board to pass a level. The balls come in different shades and to remove them you need to line up at least 3 similar shades together. Use your mouse to point and then click on the screen to throw a ball from your frog to the ball. The shadow of the balls you throw from your frog changes, so be sure to send those circles to the right place. You will lose the level if the train arrives when the holiday opens. The moment you remove everything from the board, the remaining distance between the train and the leave hole will be changed to focuses and added to your score. You will see lags on certain levels, so be careful!