Block Hexa Puzzle

Intriguing and beautiful Block Hexa Puzzle sits firmly for your choice. To effectively complete the levels, it is important to fill the empty hexagonal cells with kaleidoscopic shapes made up of hexagons. The base is a bunch of squares that you can enter, select, and set until there are no spaces left. Alternatively, any of the suggested numbers can be used to confuse you, by deliberately adding extra components. With a quick and correct choice, you will also receive a reward as a virtual brilliant star, but additionally as additional information. In the lower right corner there is a symbol like a light bulb - these are your summary tips, they can be used anytime in the Online Block game! Hexa Puzzle to pass the level quickly. The gameplay is compelling, straightforward from the start and more complex as you progress through the levels. The puzzle is useful for advancing spatial reasoning and is suitable for players of all ages, and the ability to play on any device, including universal ones, completely builds the amount of expected pieces in Block Hexa Puzzle! It's an amazing puzzle game to challenge your mind, with over 240 levels from student to cutting-edge, easy to play thoroughly enjoyable game. The goal is to drag pieces to barricade and fill all the grids! The perfect game to produce your spatial knowledge and geometric abilities! Your riddle skills will be put to the test with this new point in the sample puzzle game! Our one-of-a-kind hexagon puzzle will stretch your brain in a way you never anticipated in this addictive puzzle game. Appreciate the performance of conveniently placed pieces, filling the board with an eruption of shading! With each square that fills the holes, your capacity will develop - however, difficulties will arise! It's safe to say you're ready to push your breakpoints ??