Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) is a weird fun material science-style battle recovery game with unlimited powers and you have to design your battle methodology to win the battle. This game uses best-in-class materials science engine, which adds an unsurpassed degree of authenticity and fun to the ongoing interaction. You can place a wide range of types of combat units in endless different designs on the front line to make your own battles and have unlimited entertainment. Examples of units include cave dwellers, woolly mammoths, long Viking boats, Roman legionnaires, and longbow archers. Many units are addressed all the time. Strange strategies based on materials science help players reproduce the absolute most pronounced collisions in history ... with a curve. You can gain a pleasant knowledge of our most distinguished champions, military units and saints that the world has seen at any given moment, and make them fight to the end. Experience accurate battles over the centuries with different time periods, including the Stone Age, the Middle Ages, the Vikings, the Renaissance and surprisingly old history such as Rome and Greece. The various units and time zones currently available provide an exclusive range. In addition to the cool reconstruction based on materials science, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator additionally has some wonderful guides and game modes. There are currently 14 different guides available - each relating to an alternative chronic space of part of our reality. Players can also take up arms in a variety of game modes, including sandbox mode and single-player crusade. In addition, the sections use best-in-class creators of battles and missions - this allows players to promote their own leaders and military reconstructions. When you play this game based on physical sciences, which group will you try? Each group has a choice of different units. The archaic group, for example, has poets, helpers, archers, slingshots, clergy, and knights. Again, the Stoner era has stonemasons, mammoths and a bone mage! Although the game is in the early stages of access, the designer has made a targeted guide to future updates. This includes new groups and content. There are no two battles that are equivalent to having unlimited authority to change your methodology and strategies to the actual phase of the battle. Play with friends or play alone, it's up to you. Have good moments and you will fight!