Doctor Hero

Test your sublime abilities as a specialist in Doctor Hero! You will begin to fill in as a trainer, assisting the greatest professionals in performing a wide range of corrections, stitches and some diagnostics. Patients need you to save their lives! See their injuries or agony with a powerful scanner to analyze their various infections. Perform a wide range of fixes, tasks to gradually develop your abilities and then to overcome in terms of relieving the universe from the terrible infection that haunts it, and many different diseases. Show that you are a true saint, show restraint, open new devices and participate in this stunning test system. Finally, a specialized game that allows you to rehearse your professional skills. Start as an assistant and take the necessary steps to become a specialist saint. Remember your Hippocratic promise, patients need you. Save them and become their PCP saint. Can it be said that you are ready to make them firm and smile once more? Doctor Hero is a medical procedure game in which you start as a clinical assistant in a medical clinic and qualify to become a specialist or specialist. Analyze your patients, inspect their appendages, identify their difficulties and infections, work on them and be the best specialist on the planet in the long run! Can it be said that you are ready to fix the world, Doctor Hero?