A Pretty Odd Bunny

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth platformer where you are a bunny who secretly chases and eats pigs. Each level has a pig that you need to get without being seen by different individuals from your rabbit area. Jump, sense, hide behind hedges, pass under tree trunks and do your best to keep quiet about your feeding routine. Play many beautiful but dangerous levels in different remarkable universes, collect collected coins, unlock additional difficulties and surprises and have a good time! Can you eat every pig and get every mystery coin in A Pretty Odd Bunny at any time?

Rabbit Town is getting ready for the Carrot Festival! Is it true or not that you are ready to participate in an exciting experience in the game A Pretty Odd Bunny? Go with our main guy on an interesting experience and get ready to push unnoticed by different rabbits until you find out how to get tasty and juicy pigs.

It seems basic, but your main goal will be really challenging to complete if you're not crafty. Advance through the backwoods as if you were a real ninja, don't raise a lonely ruckus and try to reach each of your objectives before your life is in danger and you are chased by your enemies. Take part in a somewhat different stage play, jump, run, go home or more than anything, don't give in to this mood of difficulty and take part in the perfect combination of delicacy and ambiguity, covered with a rather horrifying humor.