Royal Merge

Royal Merge is an arcade merge game where your main goal is to restore the Royal Kingdom that was once wiped out by hostile Winged Serpents. Remodel and design the wonderful Fairytale Kingdom while playing fun and addictive consolidated orders. Find new things and combine what you have into additional useful tools. Open new structures and develop your kingdom. But you can also evolve, customize and launch your own mythical snakes! Make your mythical snakes blissful and let them participate in experiential moments. So the thing you'd say you're holding on to? Explore and build your kingdom.

After the attack of the mythical snakes, your kingdom lies in ruins. Now you have to restore it in the new exciting web based game Royal Merge. You will do this by solving a fascinating puzzle related to the convergence of the articles. To restore, you will need specific items and in-game money. In front of you on the screen you will see a battlefield where various items will be found. You have to carefully analyze all this and find two completely indistinguishable articles. Now, using the mouse, drag one of them to the second. When articles come into contact with you in the Royal Merge game, they will give you focuses and you will get another thing.