Stair Race 3D

Get ready for one of the biggest test rounds of 2021 and think of your steps as fast as you can really expect! You have to fight in a large area for who is the best at building steps against a set of troubling enemies. To win, you have to take the step boards and use them to make steps and get to the next stage. Anyway, be careful! Enemies that have more boards collected than you can undoubtedly push you when you encounter them, which will cause you to lose all the boards collected. Obviously, this works the other way around, so try to collect as many boards as can reasonably be expected, and push your enemies to get a big benefit. Winning the rounds will not only give you the pleasure of being the best player on the planet, but will also open up great new skins for your man and boards. So, would you say that you are ready to face the biggest challenge of building steps on the planet? In the new exciting game Stair Race 3d you will take part in an intriguing race. The opposition will take place on a uniquely built track. Opposition members and your face left on the front line will be visible on the screen in front of you. At the sign, everyone will go forward on the street, step by step. Take a look at the screen. By skillfully controlling your saint, you must conquer many dangerous areas located around, just as much to conquer each of your opponents. In case this is important, you can push them off the street, thus preventing them from overtaking you. Finishing first will dominate the competition and move to a higher level of the game.