Driftwave is a driving game that puts your steering and drifting abilities to the ultimate test at various testing levels! Focus on the target, choose your direction, switch from direction to sail and make lightning turns! Drive as fast as you can while skillfully avoiding obstacles along the way. Choose your number one vehicle in the shed. How fast can you get through each level?

We present an extremely messy and one might say complicated story where the swimmer wears the pants and with her help you have to figure out how to send the vehicle to a pallet. Indeed, the vehicle is small and pixelated, the areas do not shine with illustrations and the choice of vehicles is not huge, but this is not the main thing, because the central thing in this experience is the physical science of what is happening, and sometimes you are shocked by the capacity of the designers to make such a work of art, a game where development is essentially as nearly sane as can be expected.