Idle Lumber Inc

You are offered a chance to build a colossal logging kingdom and the name for it now exists - Idle Lumber Inc. Lisa is your assistant. It appears in the lower left corner and especially immediately, you really want to pay attention to her recommendation. To make it all work, hire loggers, someone has to cut down the forest, because he is the reason for your future company. Then, at this point, you really want the driver to move the logs to the processing location. There they will be taken by workers and processing will begin. At each stage, you really want to make upgrades from time to time depending on the situation. Hire new workers, provide training, etc. at Idle Lumber Inc. Idle Lumber Inc. is an administrative leisure game made by NoPowerup. In this game you can assemble your own wooden domain and become a wooden tycoon! Start small by running a sawmill and hiring a few workers. You can expand your plant by updating your tools, representatives and directors. Harvest trees economically by recruiting tree growers, buying more land for the development of remote forests. Train your loggers to become gifted workers so they can collect logs much more skillfully. Make promotional efforts to attract new customers, process orders skillfully to get the most benefits. There are many things you can do at Idle Lumber Inc. to build the largest timber domain. Feel free to embark on the basic game of big wood punches.