Big NEON Tower Vs. Tiny Square

Big NEON Tower Vs. Tiny Square is an arcade platformer inspired by 90s arcade games. The game takes you into a persistent neon tower experience where you will face several challenging puzzles and obstacles. You are a small square climbing a big mountain. The game is one goliath level split into huge segments on one screen. Every obstacle is annoyingly positioned. Every part wickedly planned. This is another expansion to the Big Tower Tiny Square series, with great Tron-like style and synth beats. Move the small square up the top levels. Move to the excavation carefully and accurately. Huge squares will give you clues and hints whenever you encounter new deterrents. The higher you climb, the harder it gets. No matter the problem, there are consistently marked locations, so you'll never be too far from where you last passed. NewTower. An old enemy. Ride the steamy waves and stay away from the neon annoyances in the third installment of the Big Tower Tiny Square series played by MILLIONS across the web! Inspired by the arcades of the 90s, Big NEON Tower is a monstrous platformer level divided into huge single-screen areas. Each obstacle is carefully positioned. Every part wickedly planned. It will take persistence and experience to explore the maze like Mt. Big NEON Tower Vs. Tiny Square is a puzzle stage game where you navigate through an energizing chess stage full of obstacles. Your closest companion Pineapple was taken from the Big Square and taken to the highest point of a large tower filled with deadly traps. Ascending this peak, you'll track down creepy sensor towers, devastating laser jumps, magma pools, and more. Try to go to each designated location so you don't lose much progress when you run into one of the annoyingly placed traps. Could you find it at any time in this one goliath level split into huge single-screen segments? Immerse yourself in the feeling of the 90s with a chill soundtrack. In the new irresistible game Big Neon Tower versus Tiny Square, you will take a journey to an amazing neon world. Your personality has entered a strange peak with a square of a certain size. Our legend has to research it and track down various old articles. You will help him in this. Each floor at the top is a confusing course. Your personality will slide along the outer layer of the floor, gaining steady speed. Using the control keys you will control the activities of your persona. You have to beat multiple risky areas on the street. Various traps will be placed on them, in which you will not need to fall. Along the way you need to collect different types of things and get focus for them.