Knights Fight

It is more standard for a knight to fight in the battle zone against the enemy, but in the game Knights Fight it is self-destruction and our legend understands this perfectly. Just because of this, and not as a result of weakness, he moved to the top and put on a crossbow. Help him repel the attacks of aggressors. Among the undead and artists, they must be particularly frightened. Wizards will not move to the dividers, but will start firing energy balls in good ways. Shoot the balls to prevent them from reaching the top, but in any case it is stronger to destroy the person who sends them. Use the accents of openness and gradually buy upgrades to Knights Fight. Train to become the boss of the field. In times of gallantry, conflict of roses, palaces and edges, knights are the experts in the game. As longings for saints, support yourself in feverish battles in middle age, for honor and miracle.