IZOWAVE - Build and Defense

IZOWAVE - Build and Defense is a methodological game that contributes to the challenge of endurance against a constant flood of attacks in an all-encompassing open world! Choose your leader and mode, going on a venture near your associate, facing increasingly powerful enemies and attacks. Construct raid tops, asset generators, guard walls, ammo to reload ammo, supporters to increase turret performance, the sky's the limit from there. Revise the details of yourself and your helper, explore to collect jewels and save your progress whenever you need! How long can you drive back in the dangerous world?

IZOWAVE - Build and Defense is an action game where you want to withstand the onslaught of enemies in an open world. With each wave, the enemy is counted and the problems increase. Resolutely craft walls to defend, build cogs to attack, set up generators for assets, collect ammo to reload cogs, and use surgeons to restore your well-being. Upgrade your personality and the abilities of your right hand to improve your endurance capabilities. How long could you at any given time withstand the decisive attack?

Exploring another planet, a man named Tom encountered its powerful inhabitants. You are in another exciting game Izowave: BuildA and Guard will help him to cope in this world. Your legend will appear in front of you on the screen, which will be in his camp. A horde of beasts will move towards him. You should carefully check everything. In certain places you need to set traps, as well as build guarded structures. The moment the beasts approach the camp, your cogs will start firing. By destroying opponents in the game Izowave: BuildAand Guard, you will get focuses for which you can work on your line of defense.