Hamster Island

Gather your own universe of charm on the island of Hamster! It all started with a lonely table of charm, which is your hamster. You currently have a world all alone. Deal with all this and make your own island with your fuzzy companions! Experience what it seems like to manage your own reality now. With our small fuzzy satellite you can build your own island and develop it the way you need it. This is a superb inactive game. You will start the game with a piece of land and a hamster. By continuing, you can deposit money with the inactive frame. You will unreservedly use this money to open new terrains, do exercises and secure new companions for hamsters and mythical snakes. There is no limit to the amount you can buy from the ranch and later from different places. You can review the inactive frames to get much more. This way your island will be better and bigger. At the moment, participate in your experience with these creatures and we need to understand how far you can go while working on your island. The island of hamsters takes us to a curious paradise for little hamsters from all over the world. Can it be said that you are ready to gradually build a small town and make it grow and prosper until you encourage huge urban communities with intriguing tall buildings? Gradually develop your small plantation, keep your new ranch above water and start saving and contributing profitably to your profits by hiring a few representatives to simplify your work, encourage the hamster village and welcome new residents who are essential to your wonderful life project! Participate in the most natural interactivity, clear controls and thin 3D illustrations or more, make the largest local area for hamsters in the world. On one of the islands lost in the sea, a small clan of hamsters continues. We should welcome you to lead this clan in the Hamster Island game and make their daily environment much better. A certain region will appear on the screen in front of you, in which there will be several hamsters. You will have a limited amount of money available. You, most importantly, need to build several rural structures and develop a small plot. At the moment you have to deal with the yield you have planted. Once the collection is ready, you can offer it and use the return to start building the various structures needed for the job, as well as accommodation for your hamsters. In the same way you will have to buy appliances, different yields and creatures that you can grow.