Rally Point 5

Test how well you drive on outrageous tracks! Rally Point 5 takes you through the desert, snow and wildlife in dazzling 3D illustrations. Choose your number one vehicle and race towards the final destination.

Rally Point 5 is an amazing game with 3D illustrations that offers you the chance to drive different game vehicles and take part in the preliminary races. The quintessence of the game is to improve your driving skills and achieve the fastest time in each of the races. You have to go through a lot of sharp corners where you really want to floor the gas, and on straight segments you can press the gas pedal to the floor. Use nitro parts to avoid overheating the engine!

In this way, the game brings you closer to a total of 9 unique levels and 9 vehicles that you can unlock during the game. First you really want to show a decent result in each of the three races that will happen in three areas: desert, snow and desert. Before the start of the race, you must accurately select the type of your vehicle. For rugged terrain, you want a Jeep SUV, and for a flat track, you're better off getting a fast car. In order to unlock all the vehicles, you really want to complete the race on each of the vehicles, no matter what their type is.

Jump into the driver's seat of your muddy vehicle designed to explore the toughest terrain tracks. Drive forward as fast as you can and boost your car with nitro! Could you win at any time? All things considered, for this you need to rush to the finish line faster than different racers and defeat the consequences of the most experienced rally aces. Get ready for a real ride.