In My Little Dragon

At the moment you can take and love a very charming children's mythical snake! In My Little Dragon, play, feed, wash and help your child become healthy and happy. Acquire coins to open caps, shoes, wings and more to make your mythical snake extremely charming! - Play My Little Dragon for free and enjoy! In My Little Dragon you will deal with a small and charming animal. Play with it, feed it, clean it and watch it grow. In a few discounted games you can buy coins to open interesting wings, hats, glasses and shoes to change your little mythical snake. Have you ever needed to find yourself a snake with hand wings? Due to the game My Little Dragon you have the opportunity. Currently, your number one pet is a little mythical animal that you have to deal with and play with to make it enjoyable and happy. Above you will see a board with the lifestyle, satiety and pleasure of our pet. Our task is that they are in any case complete. To do this, you need to play specific activities - to take care of our legend, put him to bed and play with him. For this you will receive tricks that you can spend on an assortment of treats and clothes for him. Below is the dashboard where this can be chosen, with the main one carefully concentrating on the value of the things that wouldn't spend the extra tricks. Play My Little Dragon than you need after a remarkable game like Tamagotchi. However, the essayists of the game designer figured out how to get involved in the game with the best achievements of this class of games. In addition, the way it is composed with the help of HTML5 innovations will allow you to participate in the game of any cutting-edge widget. So take a break for a minute and take part in an amazing game.