Super Doll Skin Doctor

This super doll hasn't taken much care of her skin lately and is not hard now. She needs your help to be her PCP and treat her. Start by using an electric device to make the vague spots on her nose disappear. At this point, use a few scissors to cut the locks of hair everywhere. In addition, it has several scars that need to be removed with the help of a laser. At this point, pour the dead skin with glass. This will allow the new skin to recover. At this point, apply an argyle face coat that will allow the skin to look much better. Currently, use an amplifier glass to look closely at the skin and use a germicidal cream to execute the microscopic organisms that make her face pierce, at this point use an ice block to close the pores. Then you can pop out her pimples and white spots and get rid of the little bugs. Good luck in the game!