Happy Hockey

It's safe to say you're in for a boring decent time? Welcome to Happy Hockey, the hockey-based puzzle game that is completely radical and allowed to play. Get out your stick, hit the ice and focus, because this is the sporting event you've been hanging on for! Playing Happy Hockey is as straightforward as it is fun, you just have to aim your puck, hit it with your stick and hit the back of the net to score goals! Regardless of the fact that you will need to maintain a strategic distance from the hordes of enemies, wacky barrettes and obviously the goalkeeper. It's an ideal opportunity to get your skates on, head to the arena and practice in light of the fact that Happy Hockey is an expertise-based game that will test your sanity just as much as your puck capabilities. Fortunately, Happy Hockey handles like a fantasy, with accurate materials science and consistent controls that make getting the puck past the goal line a straight-forward, giving you the chance to score! As you progress, you'll encounter unlimited levels, all incredibly rendered in gorgeous 3D designs! In addition, each level will shock you with new difficulties, obstacles and all manner of frenzy to prevent you from passing these goals. All things considered, the situation sets goals, and there are thousands here. Is it accurate to say that you are burned out at grueling sporting events? The hotel's ice rink is as cool as the ice you skate on. Grab your stick, smash that puck and get ready to score in light of the fact that Lucky Hockey is here to take control of your life.