Counter Stickman Battle Simulator

The anti-terrorist unit "Black Sticks" is committed to finding and destroying a set of crimson terrorists. You are the squad leader and will determine how many fighters to send into the war and which ones. In the top element you will see a panel with one of a kind stick styles, on the left there are coins. You need to be financially sound without weakening the institution. When it forms far away, deliver the crew and click the arrow inside the correct corner to decrease for the stickers to pass on the attack. If you have correctly calculated the whole lot, the squad can have an area inside the villas and it will determine all the bandits. Otherwise defeat in Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman. Counter Stickman Battle Simulator video game plot environment is a unique operation. The black stickmen, fighters with unique powers, must neutralize and defeat the red stickmen, terrorists. You want to assemble a powerful institution using the finances that the sport involves. Create a unit and send it to war. Play the premium strategy stickman game! Enjoy soldier! The terrorist forces must be stopped with the help of your sticker army! Put yourself in the pores and skin of the commander and region of your troops at strategic factors, even as income enough to increase your army, a good way to destroy enemy forces.