Duck Life: Battle

Grab your duck and start fighting! The latest Duck Life game is here and it's really amazing. Head to the recreation center to prepare your duck and prepare them for the battle ahead. Battle different ducks on your way to earn things that you'll need to progress on your excursion to become the ultimate duck contender. Train your duckling's strength, well-being, defense, speed and unique attacking abilities in 25 new out-of-the-box minigames. Explore the world by fighting different ducks, participate in races and complete journeys to become the best duck fighter. The ducks we know so well from past Duck Life games are back, but this time they're angrier. Ignore courage, now is the time to fight! Prepare your ducks for the upcoming battle by preparing them. When you're ready, take a step to the front line and start fighting different ducks. Don't forget to buy hardware to help you. Become the most grounded duck champion in Duck Life Battle. Take command of a little duckling as he trains and fights with different ducks. Train your duck's strength, well-being, defense, speed and unique attack abilities. Explore the world to collect coins, travel and compete. In a distant ranch that is located near the mountains, there are many chickens. They constantly go out on the road, look for food and play with each other. Some of them were grabbed by outsiders and right now your legend has to save them. We are with you in the game Duck Life: Battle, we will help him in this. All in all, our legend must accept the course of a young rival, where he will be trained to fight. Only then will he set out to find his brothers and sisters. Obnoxious outsiders will slow him down in this. Subsequently, our legend must bravely participate in battles with them and win them all.