Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Today, in the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, they will face each other in a melodic battle. In front of you on the screen you will see a melodic scene in which your man will be with a receiver in his hands. Above the saint will be seen a unique board with bolts. When the music starts playing, your legend will start singing in the receiver. These bolts will be presented with light. You need to keep in mind in what query they did it and then, using the control keys, press them in the same order. If you did everything right, you will win this correction and move on to a higher level of the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge. Bo and his beautiful girlfriend return with new melodic experiences, filled with rhythm in the new game Super Friday Night 'Squid Challenge! Is it safe to say that you are ready to have fun while demonstrating that you are still the best vocalist on earth? Our two or three have lost all their cash bets at the club and are currently facing some vicious new games, motivated by an effective Korean series. Does it sound natural? This is an ideal opportunity to increase your strength as you try to conquer each of the preliminary matches that change your direction over time as you try to achieve to win the excellent prize and win back all the money you lost. . Every other rap duel is currently added as a Squid Challenge between the rap duel series of the game Super Friday Night! This battle goes to some covered and costumed characters in blue and red tones. The moment you start the battle, the duel will be slow, but as long as the melody continues, it will be faster. Assuming you have to win the battle, you have to react quickly and accurately. The moment you miss a keystroke, your opponent will enjoy another advantage. The beauty and the darling return with new experiences. They have lost all cash bets and must now join the Squid games !! Get involved with this new game, which you can play on your favorite mobile phone, tablet or work area, no matter how many occasions you need. Help them complete each of the tunes in different weeks to win the big bet and win back the lost money. Lots of individuals will pass here, but don't get up and keep moving and don't miss a single bolt. Complete each of the 12 levels and become a champion with 38 million dollars in this crazy game. The aim of the game is to complete each of the battles with rap and amazing music !!! Would you be able to defeat the amazing doll in this chilling endurance game? I try and show that you have the best result of all.