Ragdoll Fall

At Ragdoll Fall, take responsibility for this fun stickman! Because it is made of plastic, this doll can ricochet on the ground. In any case, like any other article, it can fall apart with such ease! However, you need to be careful about the climate. You can experience various deterrents that can hurt him. All you really want is your mouse and a little concentration. In case you are ready now, let the game begin! The most horrible thing happened to our dear ragulka in this experience. He has to reach his goal, but the road is extremely dangerous. The terrains are separated from each other and are so high that the ground is invisible. You need to help this stickman to move safely. Fortunately, he is great at jumping and bouncing. All you have to do is click or tap the screen to speed down. If we assume that he falls, you will lose and the game is over. Watch out for sharp saws and spikes! If we assume that you are in contact with one of the saws, you lose once more. You can track your score from the highest point on the game screen. It is composed in a huge blue tone. The moment the game closes after you turn off, you can see your current and best score. Good luck and have fun. Ragdoll Fall is a physical science game of ragdoll to roll from one stage to another while keeping away from saw blades. Help ragdoll travel beyond what many think is possible in this fun web-based arcade game. Send from the cannon, then tap at this point to fall to the ground. Stay away from dangerous obstacles and holes in the stages as you strive to score any tricks on the number that can reasonably be expected. You get 1 point every time you fall and hit a scene. Ragdoll Fall is a skill game created by QKY Games. In this game your goal is to crush our ragdol legend on the stages at the bottom of the screen. Every time the saint withdraws, you provide tricks. Point brilliantly and make sure your legend doesn't fall out of the holes. Feel free to pass Ragdoll Fall to your companions to analyze your high scores.