Duel of Wizards

Consecutive duels between senior students are held at the Academy of Wizards. The person who wins these rivalries receives the title of artist. Today in the game Duel of Wizards you can take part in these competitions yourself. A specific region will appear in front of you on the screen, where your man will be with a magic wand in his hands. The opponent will remain on a concrete parting with him. There may be obstacles of different stature between two performers. At the sign, the duel of fun will begin. Your legend will wave with a hand in which you will see a stick. You need to calculate a specific second and deliver the energy ball from the stick. If we assume that you have set the boundaries, then at this point, flying in a certain direction, he will hit your opponent and cause him harm. The champion in this battle is the man who quickly destroys the enemy. Also, for this in the game Duel of Wizards, you absolutely have to reset the scale of the enemy's life. Duel of Wizards is an intriguing enchantment spell, a one-button game to take part in amazing Harry Potter-style duels. Spin your wand like a real wizard and cast spells to defeat your opponents in this free web based game. There are heaps of levels hanging firmly to demonstrate your supernatural abilities. One-button games allow you to focus on a single task, but also take the test to limit your choices. In this game you will design your spells to hit your opponent. Each time you shoot, your hand will turn, so keep designing your spells until your wand points straight at your opponent and earn stars to open new levels and hats. Have fun with this free web based game Duel of Wizards.