Unikitty Royal Highness

Welcome to Unikingdom! There is no misery here. Here bliss and stupidity reign everywhere and it can never happen at any moment for someone to be unhappy in a particularly extraordinary field! They are ruled by the alluring feline unicorn Unikitty. Her friendliness and unlimited confidence must be dissatisfied. The little princess loves to play and imagine new entertainment, in which she participates, but also welcomes her companions. Puppycorn, Dr. Fox and Crocohawk are happy to join the royal games. All things considered, any Unikitty entertainment is sure to be heaps of nonsense and a great state of mind! In the game Unikitty Royal Highness you have to overcome a whole pile of jam. Sounds extremely tempting, doesn't it? Then do not waste a moment and immediately rush to the famous grass! There is currently a kitten that sits firmly for you. Along with it you will jump on jam blocks, trying to build a high peak. Immediately jump on the pink scenes and try not to miss. If we assume that it works, you will lose. Anyway, you can constantly start again and break your own record to open another skin and play with another legend.