Subway Surfers Buenos Aires

These old tram rails are covered in gold, but you will need a lot of courage and quick legs to take it for yourself. In Subway Surfers, Jake and his group of amigos have to get off the tracks, overtake this capricious security officer, and grab the gold without being hit by a tram vehicle. Fly down the slopes and do not stop, because this game in the workplace hangs tight for anyone! Believe it or not, we said work area. As probably the most downloaded game around, Subway Surfers is appreciated by people all over the world. Now you can keep tapping on the asphalt for the comfort of your PC! First time surfer? Don't worry, this unlocked Subway Surfers game is simple and enjoyable to learn, no matter how extreme it dominates. We need to separate the current interaction. The Subway Surfers world tour goes to shocking Buenos Aires! - Experience special design and amazing seashores - Team up with Sofia and open her virgin Tango costume - Take a tour of the beautiful roads on the cool Roto board - Look for shiny pony shoes to win the Weekly Hunt awards.