Bubble Shooter Planets

The exemplary air pocket shooter Bubble Shooter Planets hangs tight for you. This time, instead of the usual balls, at the highest point of the screen, multicolored planets of a similar size will be collected. They gradually push down, trying to capture the entire field. Shoot trespassers on planets, collecting together at least three indistinguishable celestial bodies. They will separate from the whole table and fall down, and in this way you can overcome the balls and clear the field. Shots should not be neglected, choose the right focuses to achieve the most extreme results. Bubble Shooter Planets is an exemplary air pocket shooter where the balls are adapted as planets of our nearby planetary system. Simultaneously, the game guidelines continue as before: send the ball to a bunch of bundles of similar shading to blow them up. Shoot brilliant balls to destroy them and clear the field soon.