Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic

You are an exalted general from an extraordinary realm. The Lord asks to clean the forest street from the thieves. In any case, our team has discovered particular characteristics of Satan, and we now want to reveal the insight into this mystery. We begin a dangerous strike against secret malevolence. Will you beat him? Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic is a conflict procedural game where you play as a general in charge of the kingdom's warriors and your goal is to stop anyone who attacks your territory. In the exciting new game Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic, you will command a team of legends who will fight against various lowlifes and beasts. There will be wars and contractors in your team. With the help of an emergency control panel located at the bottom of the battlefield, you will control their activities. In front of you on the screen will be a region where your rivals will be found. Using the mouse you need to place your legends in the given region. From this point on you will start taking your actions and moving them towards the opponent. When they reach the goal, the battle will begin. Your legends, using their weapons and enchantment, must destroy the opponent. For this you will be given focuses in the game Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic and you will proceed to a higher level of the game.