At Lines, get ready to add some tone to your life. You will watch the shadow race. We can also guarantee that this will be a race unlike anything you've ever seen before! Is it true that you are ready to be appointed body, jury and killer and see if you have things to gain? How about we start playing now and find out! Life is nothing without shadows, right? That's why we're here with a game that will add a dynamic tone to your life, but also challenge you to think admirably and come up with a worthy methodology to win. Because this is what you will need in case you need to win. Is it fair to say that you are ready to challenge yourself with this awesome puzzle game? Your goal is to make the longest queue to dominate the competition. You will see different shapes on the screen. Shapes like squares, stripes and even the shape of the infamous Sydney Opera House! You need to place space on the lines that structure these shapes to make a bright line. You can see the amount of spots you can place at the bottom of the screen. When you place all the plasters, the shadow race will begin. You can check if your shading is dominating the competition by taking a look at the bottom of the screen. You can even unlock new game modes and challenge yourself more. Enjoy the game!