Angry Farm Crossy Road

The entrance to the farm was left open! The chickens on the farm ran outside to find out what was going on! The owner escaped on the way to restore the chicken to the farm! Help breeders raise chickens! Watch out for the street! Accumulate any number of eggs, as might be expected in these circumstances. A young man named Thomas lives in one of the farms in South America. Somehow, amid the gathering, he chose to go visit his brother and sister. Angry Farm Crossy Road will help him in this experience. In front of you on the screen you will see a certain region in which the farms of others will be found. Your legend, under your guidance, will go forward on the street. It has to go through a significant amount of occupied points where vehicles and various rural hardware move. Moving towards them, you need to concentrate on the circumstance. Assuming there are no vehicles not far away, you need to cross the street quickly. In case any transport is moving on it, you have to get up and hold it until it passes. Along the way, your legend will actually want to collect various objects scattered on the ground.