Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer

Hospital Stories: Doctor Soccer is an interesting playable game where you work in the hospital of a soccer team and work in your colleagues. Did you basically have to be a mad specialist? Then, at this point, jump into this game and take part in the ridiculous series of smaller-than-expected games in which you must manage the excessive ailments of an eccentric group and their friends and family. Heal wounds, eliminate items, pop pimples, hit scars with wieners (?) and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Can you complete all the levels? The Hippocratic Oath has never been so compromised.

What simply doesn't occur to football team people and the professionals involved in restoring their well-being is in some cases unquestionably experiencing a challenge. The game offers to take on the duties of such a specialist for a while and try to adapt to the most unrealistic and, surprisingly, stupid cases.