Swingers is an ability game in which you have to achieve the ultimate goal by swinging through the level. When you hit the level boundaries or squares that are tossed in your way, the game is over. Make sure you can quickly adapt to moving squares and move around them. Pleasure seekers develop into trouble and test your abilities. Make sure you collect a few coins along the way, as there are a huge number of unlockable characters. Is it safe to say that you are gifted enough to overcome each of the levels? Turn around and see how far you get in Swingers! Swingers is usually a simple web-based game in which you will try to reach the end goal. You control a rigid form with which you can send a rope and thus attach to the divider. Be careful not to come into contact with dividers or other items. In case you do this, your man will kick the bucket and that will mean the game is over for you. So you have to be extremely careful. As you go through the game, be sure to collect gems that you can use to buy skins for your man. The game offers you a sum of 10 levels with problems with scaling up. We believe that you are participating in the game!