MathPup Truck Counting

In the new Mathpup Truck Counting game, you will take a journey to an enchanted existence where wise creatures live. Your character is a dog named Tom who fills in as a transporter. Today he has to go in his vehicle to a certain region and load the body there with bones. You will help him in this experience. Before you on the screen you will see a street, at the beginning of which there will be a vehicle. By pressing the gas pedal, you will make the truck go step by step, gaining speed. He will roll across the disturbing landscape. So watch the street carefully and don't let the vehicle turn. Bones will hang in a certain range starting from the earliest stage. You have to make the goal that they will fall in the back of the vehicle. To do this, just click on them with the mouse. Each bone that lands in the body will present you with a certain number of focuses.